Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hospital Job

Yep I got a new job.

I knew I wanted to start applying for jobs as a Patient Care Tech asap. Since I have been in retail for so long, I need to gain some experience that will actually help in health care.

Yall know how much I love Publix... and if you know me irl then you know I LOVE my company and know there is good money to be made there. But my heart is in caring for others, not counting cash & bagging groceries..... Im thinking of staying on one day/month so I can keep stock but idk. Do I really wanna drive hour & 1/2 each way for my stock??

I blurred out their faces out of respect for their privacy.
Old publix days!

Anywho- I applied 3 weeks ago and they called back the next morning. Yay! I went for an interview and they said they would call me. Now that to me means no job offer. Boo. But they called one week to the day later and offered me the job. Training is full time for the first 4-5 weeks which is 3 12-hour shifts. ahh.. and I start school 8-20. I have no idea how I am going to juggle all this. After I am done training I can pick my own shifts since I am PRN (as needed).

The good thing is we moved into our new apartment! :) & we got an awesome new roommate! Our new roommate.. C.. is in nursing school with me and was also driving hour & 1/2 to school. So when we knew for sure we were moving she tagged along too! Now we dont have to leave the house at 4am to get to clincials on time anymore. The new apt is a roommate style apartment with 2 master bedrooms with master baths. Love it. My only requirement is that is had garden tubs, I loves a bath in a big tub.. its like swimming. :) So we moved from a 3 bed 2 bath apt all to ourselves to basically a one bed one bath. But luckily C doesnt have much to bring so we have plenty room for all our furniture. Our side has a linen closet and double vanity. C didnt mind giving that up since there is 2 of us. Plus the closets are huge!!! Easily 3x the size of our old one. I am totally in love with this apartment, this town, and I think this hospital. I think we are planning on staying here a while and buying our first house here. I will graduate Dec '13 and we will definitely begin looking for a house again!

Get healthy link-up tomorrow!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Jess' If You Really Knew ME

Hi its Jess (Bake) writing this blog! As Shirrell mentioned in an earlier blog, I will be writing my If You Really Knew Me. So here it goes....

If you really knew me you would know that I am a BIG girl, I might try to act tough on the outside, but this girl here is all emotions on the inside and I wear my heart on my sleeve.

If you really knew me you would know that while I may not be the best cleaner, dish washer, or clothes folder, I am the best present buyer and surprise picker outter!

You would know that even though I played basketball for 17 years and went to college on a basketball scholarship, I HATE to exercise and run.

If you really knew me you would know that I must have covers when I sleep no matter how hot it is outside, and our apartment must be cool. I CANNOT sleep if I am hot.

If you really knew me you would know that I have wanted kids ( and when I say kids I mean like 6 lol) since I can remember.......But I'm not sure now how I am ever gonna love them more than I love our fur babies!( Ok so I know I will love my children, I just love those two little fur babies so darn much)

If you really knew me you would know that I always have to be the driver in the car. I hate not being in control.

You would know that I am VERY shy when you first meet me, but once I start talking I will never shut up!

If you really knew me you would know that I love to sleep, and if I don't get enough sleep I will be a grump,

You would know that I would do anything for people I care about and usually strangers as well. I am that person that will hold the door for people behind me and always donate to whatever cause is collecting money.

If you really knew me you would know that I hate scary movies, but I will be the first one to watch any of the real stuff on TV ( Gangland and any documentary about Prisons!)

If you really knew me you would know that I make up songs in my head all the time and I will sing them and dance all over the house when I am home alone! (Like when Shirrell is mad at me I sing..:Pookie wookie Buterfly, Pookie wookie Butterfly!!)

Most people know that I live in basketball shorts and tshirts, but when I was in high school I played Volleyball and we had to wear little bitty spandex, and I would wear basketball shorts over them until the very last minute and as soon as the game/match was over I would put the right back on!

If you really knew me you would know that my freshman year in college I only drank 1 time, while all my other friends were drunk every other night. (I still never drink, I think I have had maybe 1 drink in the past year)

If you really knew me you would know that I am a creature of habit and once I get into a routine I do not like for it to change, I mean hey if something isn't broke why try to fix it. This is why I pretty much always cook and wash the work clothes, and Shirrell always picks out the bread, and changes the DVD before bed.

You would know that before we started dating I had to sleep in complete darkness and without the TV on, and now I can't sleep unless there is a TV on.

And one last thing, If you really knew me you would know that I rub Shirrell's back every night!. Like I said I am a creature of habit, and it helps her sleep better!

Well that's about it! Now you know all about me!

Friday, July 27, 2012

4 Years!

Around this time 4 years ago... I was standing outside her on-campus apartment telling her goodbye before I headed back to Atlanta. We had been "talking" for about 3 months and I was impatiently waiting for her to make it official. I mean we practically spent every waking moment together aside from the 2 hour distance, school, and basketball... plus she had already made sure my exes stayed out of the picture... she might as well make it legit. So I got ready to leave to took my hand and said "Will you be my girlfriend?" Just like in the movies. (Remember The Princess Diaries? .... well my foot totally popped when she kissed me that day!!!) It was magical.

*July 2008*

(look at that blonde hair!! that was the one & only time she has dyed her hair!)

*September 2008*
This picture was from the night she told me she loved me

One year from today, I will be marry my best friend. With a beautiful dress & all our friends and family watching. All the details are decided on.... now we just need to put it in motion. As much as I want a wedding, I also love the idea of just eloping to NY and its being much smaller...

Thursday, July 26, 2012

If you really knew me...

The past couple of weeks I have been seeing these "if you really knew me..." posts on my favorite blogs! (which btw.... my favs are this girl, this girl, and this girl --- I dont think I have ever included this in a post before! I read a handful of blogs daily and seriously its like I know them! But its also kinda creepy bc I rarely comment because I am always at work on my phone ;) ) Anyways... I thought I would join in on this because their posts made me laugh every time I had a "I do that too!" moment.

Soooo.... if you really knew me would know that I have been sleeping with a teddy bear since I was 7 (so what if I turned 26 in March?)

- I'm left-handed and when I write I use my right hand to hold the paper still (like most people) and people ALWAYS comment how long my fingers are.... weird.

- I'm super shy when I dont know people which usually comes across bitchy... but Im also bitchy ;)

- I looooove Mountain Dew but because I know its horrible for you... I have been limiting myself to 2/day for a while. But now with trying to eat better and get in shape for the wedding... I have been really trying to cut it out. Plus I saw somewhere about "Mountain Dew Mouth" and OMG. Eww. Google it.

If you really knew me...

-you would know that I am VERY particular about how I sleep. I have to have covers and I have to have a fan. Currently there are 3 fans in our room- mine, hers, and the ceiling fan. What? Its GA. And HOT! & we keep the air on 65 at night. Dont be jealous.

- Along with sleeping... There must be something I like on tv. Im scared of bad dreams and avoid waking up to "scary stuff". Therefore I put in dvds before I sleep. I have everything I love on dvd (Like Friends, How I met your mother, Big Bang Theory) So we pick one of those. Currently we are sleeping to the 8th season of Friends.

- We used to rock Mango to sleep and sing to him Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty (Google it if I lost you with that one!)

- I have 5 tattoos. And planning to get a new in September.

- You would know that I dance around the apartment when I clean with the music blaring.

- I cant stand my phone to be bright... especially at night. Jessica's phone is sooooo bright and when she shows me stuff on Pinterest at night... I feel like I am being blinded by the sun! But she says she cant see anything on my phone lol

- I love clouds! I just love how big and beautiful they are... even when its a thunderstorm. Oh. I. Love. Thunderstorms.

Well thats me... hopefully Jess will post one in the next week!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: The Venue

We have picked the venue! We are paying the deposit in September if not sooner. Its a farm used for events and parties these days. It has tons of land and nice gazebos. There is a house and a barn on property that has been converted for receptions, which means air condition :) The ceremony will be outside on a gazebo and then the reception will be in the house. I dont care much for the barn because I am not an outdoors rustic kind of girl. But my photographer, aka my bestie, is excited about the barn for photos.

I am not looking forward to the heat but I will suck it up and deal because the pictures will be awesome!!

This is the gazebo I loooove!!
And a pic of what the reception will be like.
Of course with my red & black. 

Lesbian thoughts on Magic Mike ; )

So since Im actually off this 4th of July, Mom came down to hang out with us. & of course she wants to see Magic Mike. I didnt know what it was really about... other than it was male strippers. Hmmm... not exactly my cup of tea but whatever. So I watched the previews on youtube & lemme just say


 Matthew McConaughey looked a little weird in this movie.
I get that his character is supposed to be sleezy but he just looked so thin.
But this scene was pretty hot.

Channing's solos were AMAZING. This is my fav of course ;)
Now I love me some Channing Tatum & Jess does too. That is the one & only man Jess will ever say is hot. I especially love when he dances.. especially in a hoodie and sweatpants, all "thug-style" Yum!

After this comment is when people usually get a confused look and say "Wait! What?? Arent you a lesbian?"  Lol. Yes I am. But I am not blind... I still appreciate a sexy man with nice abs that can dance! I just wouldnt date him. Yep.. literally just wrote that on my fb 5 min ago.

Anyways back to the movie... It was pretty good. Clearly all the money went into producing them dancing because the rest of the movie look rather low budget to me. Some parts seems like the camera was shaking and the lighting was jumpy... kinda made me sick. But of course the strip club scenes were on point which I guess evened out the rest. :) That plot was somewhat flat and I think could have been removed from the movie and might have made it a little better. All in all it was worth it & I would see it again.

After the movie, we went to Waffle House. Hey its a free day when Mom comes down... No diets! WH was a mistake! First of all, when we walked in 4 tables were dirty, piled with dishes and several seats at the bar covered in dishes! Strike #1 The rest of the tables were full with customer still TRYING to order. I have a serious obsession with customer service. Yes they greeted us but when we stood near a booth the waitress says "oh we dont have any clean tables right now. I guess I need to clean one." Strike #2 Umm I was ready to walk back out right then. Dont make it obvious that you know your tables are dirty and then make it seem like a chore to clear it for customers. Ugh. But I knew Jess was hungry so I kept my mouth shut. The woman finally comes back, cleans the table as SLOW as she possibly can!! We sit and wait for her to return to get our drink order. Meanwhile, other customers are piling up at the door waiting to pay so they can leave but she hasnt even written up their ticket!! OMG! I'll be damned if I wait and wait and wait to give you my money. Finally she comes back to get our drink order and as she goes to get them, she leaves her pen & order book on our table. Umm what?! She left it like it was her damn desk. She comes back 5 min later with our drinks, like 2 pieces of ice in each cup, and says "were outta straws" & walks away. No way in hell am I putting my mouth on a WH cup. Nope. Plus the water looked muggy. Ew. Yep strike #3. Again, I kept my mouth shut because I love my baby and she was hungry. Food was gross and burned. As we got ready to leave, we said we needed out check to the so-called waitress who says yea. Yea? um ok. Shouldnt have been surprised by that. We firgured up our total and handed her a $20 and walked up. So not standing around to WAIT to pay you. ahhhh....

One last look..


Monday, July 2, 2012

Diet with My Fitness Pal

Yep.. were on diets err I mean eating a little healthier. We are taking our engagements pictures in September & I would like to lose some pounds by then. We downloaded the My Fitness Pal app for our iPhones and we love it. It lets us scan the barcodes of the food we eat and it calculates the calories for you. Its so simple & easy to use. Plus it forces you to pay attention & read labels and realize how much crap is in what you eat. Right now because its so freakin hot in GA we do NOT cook. No oven will be turned on in the apartment! So we are stuck eating sandwichs on Bagel thins (which are yummy!) or Lean Cuisine. I have never been one to jump on a fad diet. I have always been a little "thick" if you will. Not huge, but not tiny either. & Im ok with it. Until summer. I hate bathing suits.. because even though my body is not horrible, I still like to keep the belly covered & for some reason even the Big Girl bathing suits run extremely small and cut off right at the belly! Wtf. Who designs this crap?! I like being curvy and having hips. I'd like bigger boobs but what can you do?! ;)

I started kinda watching what I ate over the last few months. But with the stress of school I couldnt even think about eating differently. But on May 1st... I started attempting to eat differetly. Plus I went back to work (usually when my weight goes up & down 10 lbs.) and started losing weight. Last Sunday, we really started focusing on staying within the calories we are allowed. Since May 1- Ive lost 13 pounds. Jess just started last week but has lost 3 pounds!! Yay! Doing Great!! :)

My Fitness Pal app

The plan is to stick pretty close to this diet until the wedding...

Fingers Crossed!!